Joining/Renewing SCC Membership Requirements

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Joining/Renewing SCC Membership Requirements

Post by Dion.Rentos » Wed Jul 26, 2017 11:27 am

Requirements to Join/Renewing SCC Membership
  • Update Profile using User Control Panel found under you account name at top right of page or here -->UCP
    Must fill out Full Name, Address and Phone. Welcome to fill out the full address or as minimal just the Town.
    Also if you have a SCC Garage completed please put the path in the profile Web location.

    Account Names should be Full Name. Example Dion.Rentos
  • Create an SCC Garage posting! - Garage can be found under club forums or here --> SCC Garage
    You can put and much information about your Camaro as you want. as a min would need a picture and brief information on what it is. Welcome to contact --> KalCorp for help on making this.
  • Dues paid in person to an SCC Officer or by paypal using the Send $ to SCC by Palpal link found all over the site or Here