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Posted: Sat Aug 20, 2016 7:55 am
Well it's all done, got the 1LE diffuser installed and had the quad tips installed Thursday afternoon and it looks great !! Nice mod, I love it. Unfortunatly had to go to straight pipes for now as the Dynomax axle back system I had on there the muffler configuration would not allow for enough pipe to be installed to attach the tips. :( , but it sounds really cool, but louder than the loud I had before, it's exceptable, for now. lol. So the Dynomax system I have will go up for sale shortly as I can't use it now, I ordered a Magnaflow resonated xpipe to replace my tru-flow one that is unresonated and hopefully that will quiet it down a tad..

But I am enjoying the extra loud for now, oh and don't know why, but NO drone at highway speeds, just rumble sound behind you..Cheers all !! :dance: